The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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This subject can be considered from three different points of view: in the first place, consider how our physical body expresses all of which it partakes, such as food. drink, and medicine. If a person has grosser food or finer food or purer food it is manifested outwardly. If a person does not consider this, it is also manifested outwardly. The body shows the same nature which it has inherited from the earth to which it belongs. For the nature of this earth is such that when it takes the seed of flowers it produces flowers and when of fruits, fruits, and when it takes the seed of poison it produces poison. All different things are produced, but it is what it has taken that is the result. There is nothing that one eats or drinks or that this body takes which will be so assimilated altogether that this body will not manifest it outside. This is the meaning of this subject in the consideration of our physical body.