The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The two things originated together. The history of Khusru, the old king of Persia, who was both prophet and king, shows this. His feeling was, "My subjects are my children; more than my children, nearer and closer than my children; their interest is my interest, for them I live, for them I was born. My whole life is for them." The whole life of the country was based on that example, that king's ideal. He was the instructor, the preacher, the ruler; he ruled according to the spiritual law. Solomon was also prophet and king at the same time, and so was Rama, the Hindu king. Think of the impression they have left; it is so many centuries ago, and yet however many kings have come and gone since then, the impression made by Rama still remains in the Hindu race. There are temples and shrines, and in them an image of the king whose life was spent for the welfare of the subjects.