The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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This dervish was standing in the street along which the king was about to pass. In the front of the procession were the pages, and they called out to him, "Get out of the way, the procession of the king is coming." He said, "That is why." He went back a few steps, and when the pages had gone past he came forward again, and sat down in the same place. Again came the cry, this time from the courtiers, riding on beautiful horses: "Away, away, the king is coming." He said, "That is why", and went a few steps back, and then when they had passed he returned to the same place. Then came the chariot of the king. When the king saw him standing in the middle of the street, he gently bowed his head to the dervish, who smiled and said, "That is why."