The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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There is another side to religion: the esoteric side, that part of religion which prepares man by prayer and other forms of worship to receive the blessing of God from within. Without that blessing it is difficult to become illuminated. There comes a stage in man's life when he begins to enquire, "Is this all? or is there still more to understand?" And that is why he starts looking for a teacher. It is this need in man's life which the Sufi Movement tries to help. It is the contact with the teacher, study, meditation, silence, repose, which makes one understand one's own religion, the inner side of religion. The Sufi's idea is that man in time may arrive at that stage of understanding where he can hear the voice of God from all sources, all sides, all things, all beings. There is a saying of Sa'di: "Every leaf of the tree becomes as a page of the sacred book, when the eyes are opened and the sight is keen!"