The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The answer is found when we understand that man is travelling in a boat; and the boat is heavily laden. The storm comes on, and the one who is rowing says to the man, "The storm is severe, your luggage is very heavy; the best thing will be for you to save your life by throwing one of your bundles into the water." The man says, "O, that bundle contains things I have collected all my life, and I cannot throw it out."" Well," says the boatman, "if you cannot throw it out you will drown." And when he has thrown out one bundle, perhaps the storm becomes greater, and maybe then the last bundle has to be thrown away as well. And he says, "O, this one I can never part with; it contains things I have collected all through my life; they are souvenirs, and you want me to throw them away; things from my grandfather and my great-grandfather, do you really want me to throw them away?" The other says, "If not, you also will go. If you want to save your life, throw that last bundle away too!'