The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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In the language of the Hindus life in the world is called sansara. It is pictured as life in a mist; one thinks and says and does and feels, and yet one does not fully know why. If a person knows one reason for it, another reason is hidden behind it which he does not yet know. Very often conditions in life show a picture of captivity; often it seems as if one had to walk between water and a pit. To rise above conditions one needs wings: two wings attached to the soul, one independence, the other indifference - which not everyone has got. Independence needs a great deal of sacrifice before one can feel independent in life. Indifference is against one's nature of love and sympathy; it is like cutting one's heart asunder before one can practice indifference throughout life. No doubt once the soul is able to spread its wings, one sees the conditions of life as far removed; then one stands above all conditions that make man captive.