The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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It is difficult, but it is possible when we have the spirit never to be really grown-up, never to close our heart to learning, always to be ready, whatever be our age, to accept what is harmonious and beautiful. When one thinks, "What I think is right", and one finds arguments and reasons to make it right, and when one thinks, "What the other person thinks is wrong", and one finds reasons to make it wrong, one will always remain in the same place. But when one is ready to accept, even from a child, that something one says may be wrong, one thinks, "Even though it is a child who said it, it is a profit for me to accept it." God has not spoken only through His prophets, He speaks through every person, if we open our hearts to listen. The difficulty is that we become teachers. If throughout our whole life we remain pupils teaching will come all the time from within and without. As soon as we become teachers we close our hearts from Him who alone is our Teacher.