The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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A person must not choose the way of renunciation as long as any ambition within him remains unfulfilled. Vairagya, the thought of renunciation, comes to every wise person, to every righteous person. Sometimes a man thinks, "I want to renounce all, because I am disgusted." Another time he thinks, "But if I were given a little bungalow and a little garden, I would not renounce it." Sometimes he thinks, "I will renounce the whole world", and another time he thinks, "But if I were Mr Asquith", or Mr Asquith's secretary, I would not renounce." If one says, "I have renounced the Tsar's throne", what does that mean? Only the Tsar may say, "I renounce the throne that has been given to me."