The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Harmlessness Is a good moral, but the difficulty is that we cannot be good to one without being harmful to another.

  • For instance, we are good to our cat and we give it the lamb's meat to eat; so we are harmful to the lamb.
  • Or we sacrifice the vegetable for the sake of being good to the lamb.
  • We harm the mineral when for the sake of some flowers we put clay in water, bend and knead it and then put in the fire in order to make a bowl to hold the flowers.
  • How many things do we make out of iron, how much do we torment it in order to make ourselves comfortable?
  • How many things do we make out of wood?
  • The lives of how many animals do we sacrifice in order to make ourselves comfortable and happy?
  • As to ourselves, how much do we sacrifice the benefit, the comfort of our fellow-beings for our own benefit?