The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Furthermore the tendency to doubt, to be depressed, the tendency towards fear, suspicion and confusion, the tendency to puzzle - where does it all come from? It all comes from the thought of getting something in return: "will another give me back what I have given him? Shall I get the just portion back, or less?" If that is the thought behind one's acts there will be fear, doubt, suspicion, puzzle and confusion. For what is doubt? Doubt is a cloud that stands before the sun, keeping its light from shining. So is doubt: gathering around the soul it keeps its light from shining out, and man becomes confused and perplexed. Once selflessness is developed, it breaks through the cloud saying, "What do I care whether anyone appreciates it; I only know to give my service, and that is all my satisfaction. I do not look forward to get it back. I have given it and it is finished; this is where my duty ends." That person is blessed, because he has conquered, he has won.