The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Now arises the question: how can one find faith in oneself, how can one develop it? One can find faith by practicing self-confidence as the first thing, by having self-confidence even in the smallest things. Today most people have the habit to say with everything "perhaps." It seems as if a new word has come in use; they say "perhaps it will happen." It is a kind of polite expression, or a word of refined people to show themselves pessimistic. I can see their reason; they think that it is fanatic, presumptuous, and simple to say, "It will be", or "It will come", or "It will be accomplished", or "It will be fulfilled." To say "perhaps", - so they think - makes them free from the responsibility of having committed themselves. The more pessimistic a person, the more "perhaps" he uses, and this "perhaps" has gone so deep in souls to-day that they cannot find faith.