The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Supposing that there are some people who believe this and ask, "If we ourselves are the Whole Being, why should we not do whatever we please? Whom should we fear? Before whom should we pray?"- I would say to such a person, "If I take all you possess, will you let me have it?" He at once will say, "No, it is mine." But then he is not the Whole Being, he is a limited being. He recognizes "you and I": separate beings. By learning this philosophy of "I am all" intellectually people have many times been led astray. It is not enough to have read a few books of philosophy and to think, "Now I know all." That is not mastery. By books one can learn intellectually that we are all, but books cannot give us realization, the realization by experience in which we are sure, in which no doubt can remain in the soul.