The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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If we cannot be trustworthy with our surroundings, with those who rely upon us, we are not human. If we cannot be self-sacrificing with our surroundings, our relations, we are not human. If we compare ourselves keenly with the animals we surely shall see what we must be in order to be human.

  • We must have tolerance; the animal has no tolerance.
  • We must be true; the animal has no truth.
  • We must have shame; the animal has no shame.
  • We must keep our promise; the animal cannot do it.
  • We must share with others; the animal does not share, it sits beside its plate of food and, even if it has eaten enough, it will not let another come near.
  • We must be accommodating; the animal does not accommodate others.
  • We must have sympathy; the animal has no sympathy.
  • We should give up those actions that give us a momentary joy, but of which we repent afterwards. Sometimes we do things of which for the moment we are glad, and then for years we repent. We should check the animal passions that carry us away.