The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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There also is another question which arises from the heart of the intellectual: "How can I even accept the idea that there exists a Deity? How can I lose myself in someone whom I do not know and cannot point out?" By reasoning with oneself and by trying to study oneself analytically it is possible to get nearer to the true knowledge of one's being. If we consider that every part that constitutes our being has its own name - the hand, the foot, every part of our being has a different name, quality and purpose, and even a separate form - what is it then in man which says "I", and identifies itself with what it sees? It is not our head, hand or foot which says "I", nor is it the brain. It is something that we cannot point out which identifies itself with all these different parts and says "I" and "mine" and knows itself to be the person who sees. This in itself is ignorance, and it is this which the Hindus have called avidya.