The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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So the porter went and saw one of the children working as a horse groom, and he was very sorry about this. He went to the young man and said, 'It could not be avoided, it was meant that you should be what you are. But I want to give you some advice, because it makes me sad to think that you, at whose house there were so many horses, have to work as a horse groom. Here is a little money, take it and go to another city and try to work there as a horse trainer. The horses of the rich men will be given to you to train; and I am sure you will be successful.' The young man asked, 'Can I do anything else?' He said, 'No, that is the only way. You would have been a groom all your life if I had not told you this. There is nothing else you can do; this is the only door open for you. Do it, and then you will have success.' The young man did as he was told and was very successful.