The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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There is another metaphysical side to this question. There are two kinds of experience in life: sensation and exaltation. Action is connected with sensation, and repose with exaltation. Both have their place in life, although our everyday pursuits and our interest cause us to become engrossed in what we call sensation. By sensation I mean every experience we have through the senses: looking at beautiful things, listening to music, enjoying line and color, smelling perfume, and experiencing life through touch - the softness, hardness, warmth, and coldness of objects. Our recreations, amusements, means of comfort and convenience, our sports and all activities from morning till evening are all connected with sensation. And that most important experience of all, exaltation, is left out. The only means of exaltation we know is by resting and sleeping; and we only rest and sleep because we cannot do any more. Many people would like not to rest at all if they could help it. Once a very busy friend of mine in New York told me he would be very glad if instead of twenty-four hours he had forty-eight hours in the day, because there was so much to do! Those who rest do not do it for the sake of resting, and it is the same with sleep: we do not call upon sleep; we cannot help it coming to us.