The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Among all the valuable things of this world the word is the most precious. For in the word one can find a light which gems and jewels do not possess; a word may contain so much life that it can heal the wounds of the heart. Therefore poetry in which the soul is expressed is as living as a human being. The greatest reward that God bestows on man is eloquence and poetry, and this is not an exaggeration; for it is the gift of the poet which culminates in time in the gift of prophecy. There is a Hindu idea which explains this very well, and it is that the vehicle of the goddess of learning is eloquence. Many live and few think, and among the few who think there are fewer still who can express themselves. Then their soul's impulse is repressed, for in the expression of the soul the divine purpose is fulfilled, and poetry is the fulfillment of the divine impulse to express something.