The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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No doubt there is true poetry and there is false poetry, just as there is true music and false music. A person who knows many words and phrases may fit them together and arrange something mechanically, but this is not poetry. Whether it be poetry, art, or music, it must suggest life; and it can only suggest life if it comes from the deepest impulse of the soul; if it does not do that, then it is dead. There are verses of the great masters of various periods which have resisted the sweeping wind of destruction; they remain ageless. The endurance of their words was in the life that was put into them. The trees that live long have the deepest roots, and so have the living verses. We only read them in the same way in which we look at the trees, but if we could see where the roots of those verses are we would find them in the soul, in the spirit.