The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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In the first place, everything that we see in this world, all the occupations that we engage in willingly or unwillingly, lead us to accomplish a certain purpose. But it is a fact that there are certain things in life by which we accomplish a greater purpose and which can only be accomplished by an inspiration from within. Art is a domain in which inspiration manifests with great facility. In order to become spiritual, to attain inspiration, it is not necessary that a man should be very religious or specially good; what is necessary is love of beauty. What is art? Art is the creation of beauty in whatever form it is created. As long as an artist thinks that whatever he creates in the form of art is his own creation, and as long as he is vain about his creation, he has not learned true art. For true art can only come on one condition, and that is that the artist forgets himself; that he forgets himself in the vision of beauty. And there is one condition through which his art can be still more valuable, and that is when the artist begins to recognize the divine in his art. As long as the artist has not realized this he has not touched the perfection of art.