The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Today when an artist tries to express an idea in decorative art, he tries to avoid all details and depict his subject by only a few lines. But when those lines have not sprung from the depths of his heart, when they are not inspired, they do not become a universal language, they do not make another person feel at once that this is the idea which the artist intended to produce. It must be given extra thought, so that these lines are not only lines, but that they express something, are suggestive of something, are living; and then they instantly produce the meaning of the artist in the mind of the one who looks at them. If an object in decorative art is not made with this inspiration, it is not complete, and then it does not suggest anything but is bewildering and will confuse many people. And at this time, if even art is confusing, where else can one go? There is nowhere else. Art should be revealing and inspiring instead of confusing.