The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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No doubt the need that has been felt in the hearts of the lovers of beauty has been working on the inner planes, and now today it is beginning to show itself. But how? Not in the form of beauty; it is the absence of beauty that is now beginning to be felt. And the result of this is that the artist thinks that there should be a new start in the world of art, that a new kind of beauty should be found, a new expression; but when he tries to find it he mostly misses the mark, for when inspiration is lacking and the work of art is forced by effort, what is produced is mechanical. One artist thinks, "Everything must be in angles; that creates a new beauty"; and another says, "No, everything must be just colors; everything must be expressive by itself"; another artist says, "Everything must be just lines without any detail; everyone should find out for himself what it represents"; and again another says, "Everything must remain in an unfinished state; that is very artistic." In this way it is just like many horses trying to take different directions in order to arrive at a certain place.