The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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It seems a pity that one aspect of art is much neglected nowadays: the making of frescoes. It is to be hoped that one day it will be developed again and take a more prominent place in the world of art. But fresco painting should be finished like any other way of painting, as it was done by the great masters in Italy who did not leave anything unfinished. In any form of art there should be a desire on the part of the artist to finish his work, not to keep it unfinished, which is against perfection. The lack of desire to finish something is only laziness, lethargy, negligence. All of us human beings have our limitations. It is very easy to say, "It may be unfinished, but just look at it, it is beautiful!" But it is not right. Everything we do we should wish to finish to the best of our ability, even though it will always remain unfinished when we look at it from the point of view of beauty itself. We do not need to keep it unfinished on purpose; it remains unfinished without our trying, when compared with perfection.