The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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In all periods of the world-history and all ancient traditions one finds traces of a call from above given to communities, nations, races, and the world at large. In the Qu'ran it is said: We have sent our Messenger in all parts of the earth that people may not say they were not warned in time. All traditions hold that a Messenger is given to the world at the time of the world's need. No doubt people have given unnecessary and greater importance to the personality of the Messenger instead of to the Message. And this is the great error that humanity made at every age. While taking the Messenger instead of recognizing the Message they regarded the pen that wrote the letter instead of the letter's contents. The letter and the writer are important, the pen is only the instrument. Thus differences came in religion. The Message had always been given in periods when it was more needed loudly given, when it was less needed gently.