The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The mind is a magic shell, a shell in which a design is made by the imagination, and the same imagination is materialized on the surface. The question 'then why does not all we think come true, why is all we wish not always realized,' may be answered, that by our limitedness, we, so to speak, bury the divine creative power in our mind. Life confuses us so much that there is hardly among a thousand one person who really knows what he wants, and perhaps among a million there is one who knows why he wants it. And even among millions you will not find one with the knowledge why he should want it, and why he should not want it. With all the power of the mind one thing must be remembered: "Man proposes, God disposes", will always prove true, when man's desire stands against the will of God Almighty. Therefore the path of saints in life has been to seek with resignation the will of God. And in this way to swim with the tide, so that with the accomplishment of their wish, the purpose of God may be fulfilled. God bless you.