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The Message Papers

Ways of Receiving the Message

August 4, 1925

My Blessed Mureeds,

There are two ways of receiving the divine Message: receiving from the heart, and receiving through the head. The Message received through the head will whirl around the head, till the wind of reason rises and blows it off. The Message that is received into the heart will settle in the heart, will remain in the depth of the heart, out of which virtues, morals, merits, and inspirations, besides the strength and power will come. It is easy to perceive the Message through the head. One has only to give a thought to it. And it is difficult to receive the Message into the heart, because one has to prepare the heart first to receive it.

There is a saying of the mystics that spiritual things, the spiritual teachings, can be given from the heart, can be taken into the heart. That is what the sign of the Sufi Movement denotes. It requires a certain preparation to make the heart a receptacle of the Message. By concentration, by contemplation, and by meditation, the heart is purified, enlarged, and made into a receptacle of the Message. Therefore it is that among many thousand mureeds, if you begin to take the real benefit of the Message, although others are benefitted in another way, the full benefit of the Message is received by knowing how to take the Message.

And now coming to the question: what are the principal things that the Message must give to people?

  • The first principal thing is to understand the essence of religion and to practice outwardly, by putting in a universal form, which are Universal Worships.

  • The next is practicing the love and sympathy which one has cultivated through devotion in one's practical life, regarding pleasure and displeasure of our fellowmen, and being gentle, kind, tolerant, and patient to them, rendering any service we can render. And this idea is represented by our Brotherhood activity.

  • To dive deep into the self and to rise as high as the consciousness can rise; to widen one's horizon, making it larger than the universe; to realize the meaning of God: it is this that the Sufi Order, our esoteric school, represents.

If a mureed says, "One activity of the Sufi Message appeals to me and the other does not appeal to me, " he does not yet understand that all these three activities -- the Universal Worship, the Brotherhood, and the esoteric school, the Sufi Order -- all three help one to perfection.

God Bless You.