The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Reading books cannot give anyone control of the breath: practice is needed. Reading the theory of music cannot make anyone a composer, a singer, a piano player. Ask composers, singers, violinists how much they have to practice. The practice of breath is very difficult and arduous. We see Yogis sitting or standing for hours in the same position, practicing for hours in the night or before dawn. Through control of the breath all things are gained. If a man is a great writer, it is because his breath holds the thoughts that are in his mind. Sandow, through control of the breath, developed ideal muscles. Before control of breath is learned, control of the body must be gained by the practice of postures and positions. For instance, if a small child is trained once a day to sit still for four or five minutes, not to run about, if it is trained not to begin to eat at dinner until everybody eats that will give it control.