The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Furthermore, one can never think too often or too much of the wish one has. One should dream about it, imagine it, think about it, keep it continually in mind, and do everything possible towards its fulfillment; but one should do this with poise, with tranquility, with patience, with confidence, with ease, and not by thinking hard about it. The one who thinks hard about his wish destroys it; it is just like overheating something or giving too much water to a plant. It is destroyed by the very thing which should help it. If a person worries about his wish he certainly either has no patience, or he has some fear or some doubt; all these things destroy the wish. A wish must be cherished easily, with comfort, with hope, with confidence, and with patience. Doubt is like rust to the wish: it eats into it; and fear is still worse: it destroys it. And when a person has no discrimination, and is not sure whether it is a right wish or a wrong wish, whether it should come true or not, one day he will say, 'I should so much like it to come true', another day he says, 'I do not care if it comes true or not', after a week he says, 'I wish it would happen now', and after a month, 'I do not care any more.' It is just like making a fire and then putting it out; every time one extinguishes the fire it is gone, and one will have to make it anew.