The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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There are some people in this world who say that all their lives they have had bad luck; never have their wishes been fulfilled. Also, they very easily imagine that an antagonistic spirit is hindering them, or that God is against them, or the stars, or something else which has prevented their wish from being fulfilled. But generally this is not so. In the first place God wishes the same that we wish; if God wished differently from our wish we could not worship that God who was always against us. Besides there is no benefit in opposing the wish of man, and there is no advantage in opposing the wish of God. It is true that there may be planetary or cosmic conditions which oppose the wish; as it is said: man proposes, God disposes. God is then put in the place of the cosmic forces, but in reality God, with His mercy and compassion, never desires to oppose anyone's wish. And apart from God, even a kind-hearted man would never want to oppose anybody's wish; he would do everything possible to help a person's wish to come true.