The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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What is purgatory? In Sufi terms it is called Naza, which means suspension of activity. If there is any death it is stillness and inactivity. It is like a clock which has stopped for a time; it needs winding, and a little movement sets it going. In the same way there comes the impulse of life, which, breaking through this cloud of mortality, makes the soul see the daylight after the darkness of the night. And what does the soul see in this bright daylight? It sees itself living as before, having the same name and form, yet now progressing. The soul finds a greater freedom in this sphere and less limitation than it previously experienced in its life on the earth. Before the soul now is a world which is not strange to it, but which it has made during its life on earth. That which the soul has known as mind, that very mind is now a world to the soul; that which the soul called imagination while on earth, is now a reality before it. If this world is artistic, it is the art produced by the soul. If there is absence of beauty, that is also caused by the neglect of beauty by the soul while on earth.