The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Very often overlooking costs less than taking notice of something that could well be overlooked. In life there are things which matter and there are things which do not matter; and as one advances through life one finds there are many things that do not matter, that one could just as well overlook. The one who takes notice of everything that comes his way, will waste time on a journey which takes all his life to accomplish. While climbing the mountain of life, the purpose of which is to reach the top, if a person troubles about everything that comes along he will never be able to reach the top; he will always be troubling about everything at its foot. After having realized that life on this earth lasts only a few days, a person will not trouble any more about little things; he will only trouble about things which really matter. By striving for little things a person loses the opportunity of accomplishing great things in life. One who troubles about small things is small; the soul who thinks of great things is great.