The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The power of the Word has shown itself to me in all the experiences of my life. Every moment has been full of wonder; every successive moment a greater and greater wonder. It is true that people may produce various phenomena by other methods, but this is not the way of the sage. The way of the sage is to understand for himself. When a person wishes to change his purpose in life, like someone who turns over in his sleep, the sage might say to him: "Would you like to observe the phenomenon? Then come with me." The sage would never go about saying indiscriminately to people, "Look at this phenomenon which I have performed!" No, even to his own pupils he will say, "I will show you how to see for yourself what the phenomenon of life can reveal to you. If I were to show you these phenomena it would still not be you that is producing them. Even if my showing the phenomena were to give you faith, it would be a much stronger faith if you could observe the phenomena for yourself. If you were only trusting in my phenomenon you would only believe it to be true for a few moments." This thing that cannot be spoken of before anyone or everyone is only understood in the heart and kept there. That is why it is called mysticism.