The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Once, when Muhammad was in this state, his wife, Bibi Ayesha, came into the room in which he was, and he asked her who she was. She said, "I am Ayesha." He said, "I am Ayesha. " She thought that the Prophet never joked, and she said, "I am Ayesha, daughter of so-and-so," naming herself, in the Arabic manner "daughter of so-and-so." He said, "I am Ayesha, daughter of so-and-so." She continued to name herself as the daughter of so-and-so, son of such a one, son of such a one, and at every name she spoke, he said, "I am such a one, and such a one." He was moved at that time into the consciousness of the Unlimited Being, the Consciousness of all who live, and all who have been.