The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Our body will not remain with us. Each element in it will be attracted to the like element, the fire to the fire, the water to the water, the earth to the earth. When the body is destroyed, the mind remains. In the mind also the elements are, though we cannot see them. They are in the vibrations. Anger brings heat, which makes the eyes red and all the body hot. Peace comes, the water element. The elements in the vibrations also are drawn each to its own element. If anything remains it is the soul, the nur, the light of God. Everything in the world wishes to live. No-one wishes to die. And if someone, under the influence of some sorrow says, "It would be better if I were dead," when the spell is passed, if he is asked, "Do you wish to die now," he will say, "No."