The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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You cannot know where it falls or what it strikes. You are going along blindly, knowing not what you really seek, or what you have achieved. There is only one commendable procedure. If your walk along the spiritual path makes you feel stronger on your feet, you will be able to realize what can be accomplished by patience and by hope. If you only paid attention to this all your life long, and you watched what you do, you would see your own progress, and what encouragement that would be! Another person keeps complaining that nothing is ever manifested to him on his spiritual path - no forms, no "ghost," no color, no voice, no word. Even if he had had such manifestations they would have been no help to him, but he is discouraged because of not having received any. His teacher might easily lead astray from the Path, simply because he is aiming for things that do not matter, and a real teacher will not encourage him to seek such things.