The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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But how can we walk along this path in the course of our practical life, with all the responsibilities inherent in life in the world? The servants take advantage of a saintly person. Selfish people and those who are wicked and blind to justice take every advantage of a person who behaves kindly and considerately and helpfully towards people. Well, the answer is very simple. This development is really for yourself. Once you have attained, the course of action is in your hands. For example, suppose you are taking the part of a king on the stage, and your part calls on you to become angry with a servant, you do not really become angry. You just play the part of the king who is cross. You can be cross without being actually angry. It is just like that in the development of the saintly personality. Once the nafs is crushed, you will never find it necessary to be angry. But you can act the part of an angry person, and pretend to be angry. So, if it is necessary to show anger, this does not mean the fire of hell for you as it would be for others, because you are only using an instrument, and that instrument is not your master. In the same way, you are justified in whatever course you find before you in life, as long as you have really freed yourself from control by the nafs.