The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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We cannot expect all people to be just. When they are children, how can we expect them to behave as the grown-ups? We cannot expect all kinds of fruit to ripen at once. It takes time. In time, they will be sweet. So wait with patience and it will be plain to them in time. Why blame others when they are not up to our ideal? How can this disagreeable person be agreeable, if his evolution prevents him from being otherwise, and wisdom does not permit him to act differently? Help him in whatever way you can without expecting him to be different. Why should you ruin your own life over it? Your own life is very precious. When you do not worry about others, or judge them, you can meditate, think, be silent, and be serviceable to the world. There is plenty in our own selves to judge, enough to keep us fully occupied all our life long!