The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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"Mansions": "many mansions," places of being, paths of attainment, roads to travel on. Once you are on the real road, you will keep on learning every moment of your life - not only during sleep (in dreams) but at any time. An owl cannot see in the daytime; it is in the night that he learns of this and that. But that is only a partial inspiration. The mystic gains experience in every aspect of life - when eating, sitting, walking; in all actions. All these are channels of learning. The real road is to be followed at all times, and it is the one who has seen the Master who is really the one being taught. Once you have linked yourself with love, a flood of inspiration is revealed to you - whatever the subject, whatever the problem in life may be. Whatever it be that your eye casts its glance on, it will disclose itself. Then you are on the real road. What a joy that is!