The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The word "Sufi", which means unfoldment of the spirit towards its original condition, is derived from the Arabic word "safa" or "saf," which literally means pure, i.e., pure from distinctions and differences. What does pure exactly mean? For instance, when a person says it is pure water, it means it is not admixed with sugar or salt; it is pure, it is original. Therefore a pure life is the term used to express the effort on the part of man to keep his spiritual being pure or free from all impressions of worldly life. It is the search for one's original self, the desire to reach this original self, and the means of getting to one's original self which really speaking is called a pure life. But this can be applied with the same meaning in any part of man's life. If it is used pertaining to the body, it means the same, that what is foreign to the body must not be there. This is cleanliness, the first stage of purity.