The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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However when one has gone through this process and has tried to keep one's body and mind, one's life and character pure, then there comes a stage of still greater, higher purity, and that is attained by a good ideal, by a righteous path, by good action, by good thoughts. One has to train oneself to become free from all foreign impressions. In that phase of one's journey one has to keep one's mind away from all but God. Then all that one thinks about, all that one feels, an that one sees and admires, all that one touches and perceives, is God. This is the greater purity, in which no thought or feeling are allowed to come into the heart but God alone. For instance, in the picture of an artist such a person sees God, in the merit of the artist he sees God, in the color and brushwork of the artist, in the eye of the artist, which observe nature, in the faculty of the artist, which produces the picture, such one sees the perfection of God. And therefore to him God becomes all and all becomes God.