The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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But then there is a further purity, and that is the purity of freedom from the thought of oneself. (And by "thought of oneself" I do not mean the thought of one's real self, but of one's limited self.) Thought of one's limitation covers what is true in one's being, one's true self. It is this limitation which makes one feel at times, that, "I am good," or "I am bad." In this final phase one realizes, "I am perfect, nor does bad make me imperfect." Good and bad do not exist when one is above them. It is purity from all shapes and colors, from all forms of life. It is like rising above heaven and hell and it is like touching the throne of God. It is just like bathing in the truth of God. This is real exaltation, when one has risen above one's limitation and has become conscious of that perfection Whom we call God, Whom we worship and Whom we love, and Who is the ultimate purpose of our life.