The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Every soul exhibits a love for truth to a greater or less degree. Every soul wishes others to treat him fairly, and wishes others to be honest with him; every soul wishes his fellowman to act truthfully towards him. But when it is his own turn to act in that way, he will not do it. That is his own fault, for it is his nature that he should seek for the truth. It is in the very nature of man that he should love and admire and idealize the truth, and the truthful souls. That is why people have followed great Teachers, such as Buddha, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, or any other great Teacher of this world. It is the love of truth that accounts for this. Wherever a man has found the spring of truth, he has been attracted and impressed by it, and has remembered it. The impression of ultimate truth has been kept in the human soul for ages. In every soul there is a constant search for the truth. At first it manifests as simple curiosity about the secrets of the nature of things. In this way, he gradually gains the knowledge which is called "science."