The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Again, it is as a person holding a sunglass before the sun. It immediately partakes of the heat of the sun. Immediately it responds to the sun and reacts in the same way as the sun. So with human nature. In the Bible it is written, "Where your treasure, there your heart." If the heart is exposed to the world of illusion, to the impression of things which come and go, then it will always reproduce the same complaints, sorrows and disappointments. One's life's real need will never be satisfied by things which cannot be depended upon; such things must always bring disappointment. At any hour of the day one may meet human beings with a thousand complaints. How is this? It is because the heart is constantly exposed to a world of falsehood, one hears falsehood. One expresses the same falsehood because it is reproduced upon the record of the mind. Therefore such a person does not make others happy, nor can he himself be happy.