The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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There is also the teaching of Christ, "seek ye the kingdom of God first, and all things will be added." What does that mean? It means that we are to focus the heart upon that spiritual ideal which is the perfection of truth; let that reality be reproduced in the heart, so that in its turn it may sing the song of reality. In the terminology of the Sufis, there is what is called shari'at - "the divine moral." This divine moral cannot be learned or taught; it can only come spontaneously. A person may lay down the principles of this divine moral, saying that "this particular attitude or method of working in life is the right thing, the divine moral." When the heart is exposed to God, like the sunglass is exposed to the sun, the divine moral comes into it. When the heart partakes of the divine outlook and divine attitude and divine love, then it expresses them externally, either as an action in the outer world, as a manner, as a glance.