The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Some people say Christ was divine, others say he was a man. Both are right and yet both only understand half. Strictly speaking, in the human there is the divine. He is human who has the divine expression. Therefore if it is right to say Christ was human, it is also right to say Christ is divine. The soul of every human being is divine, could we realize its real nature. The mission of the Sufi, the Sufi Message to the world, is the realization of this principle, the understanding of the divinity of the human soul. Did man realize that although his external is human and limited his inner being is divine and unlimited, and if man knew how to dive deep within himself, he would find God. For God is not far away, as people of various religions believe; He is closer to us than anyone else. Such a person will realize that God is the one end of a line, and he himself is the other end. One line has two points; one life has two points. The one is man, and the other is God.